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So the other day I went to Payless Ala Moana to see if they had those STPL x Airwalk shoes. They wasn’t open so I decided to stop around the neighborhood. Somethings change like someone is renting that spot where the Retna and Revok pieces were running. That dope Japanese restaurant went out of business across from El Burrito or whatever that mexican spotic called. And Mr. Mandoo opened up in the old toystore. I didn’t try it as minutes before arriving in Alas i murdered a loco moco from RAINBOWS (lucky told me they got a website so i linked them on my sites list. KAPAHULU REPRESENT!) but my ol lady picked some up for lunch. They had a special for two mandoo and a soda for $6.50. I was like two mandoo thinking of places like Youngs or the kine you get at Yummy’s but these things were big like manapuas. Korean manapuas? They had kimchee, Kalbi, pork, and something else. Maybe the yougurt wars are gonna end and mandoos gonna be the next trend? I dunno. I gotta go back and try. I like their character. Would make sick plush toys and other stuffs. We need a lightsleepers mascot! But give Mr. Mandoo a try and let me know. On Pi’ikoi across from Blockbusters.

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