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Man i gotta say OPAL THAI FOOD GOT CRACK IN THE PAD THAI! I LOVE THAT STUFF! After a morning in God’s house laffing with/at Pastor Norm i grabbed a Spanish Roll (THANKS AUNTY CAMILLE!) and grabbed my ol lady and her niece and shot up to Hale’iwa. I swear that’s gotta be a lightsleepers semi headquarters next to chinatown. Anywho I had a craving for Pad Thai from the Opal truck cus 1.) da buggah is winnaz and 2.)I seen the owner at Costco Waipio when I was grinding Bulgogi Beef Bakes (sample um cus dunno if gonna be permanent or gonna be bye bye like McRibs) I get to the truck and ordered me two Pad Thais. One for lunch. One for dindin! Oh man. I gonna murder um tonight! Go call that number on the banner and no need wait. But WORTH THE WAIT! I no care if get long line. I want homie to make mad loot selling dope Thai food.

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