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Monthly Archives: September 2009

#3 Oooh! Feat Redman. I like the beat. It’s FEEL GOOD! PARTY!



Buddy. Before O.P.P. there was B.U.D.D.Y. Video is mean. Makes me jealous that Native Tongues has hella skill! How many crews you know make sick shiet. Living Legends, Anticon, Rhymesayers, Project Blowed, Sideroad, Def Jux, i can go on an on but its always dope to have A GRIP OF EMCEES THAT CAN RIP! (put that in your next song fool! Or maybe I put um in mine….one day….soon come.)

Well De La Soul is coming to town to my heart’s delight! You better believe me and Dubside gonna be FRONT ROW sucka! Don’t drink nothing so you don’t gotta pee! Every time De La came to Hawai’i somebody in my family gotta ruin my chance to go. Missed the dope shows on the Nalo polo field cus my cuz got married.Check out what I missed! (big ups SickDog)
Seen them for the first time at Pipeline. Had to hold Joey Libby from falling off the speaker while taking photos. Had to hold Trugoy from falling off the speaker and barricade. Had this girl grabbing my ass freaking me trying to get next to me in the front. Didn’t flinch! Then again maybe she just wanted to grab my ass and freak me? Well this time the guys at SkyHI(THANKS HOMIE!) bringing De La with a side of Biz Markie and a splash of Tassho Pearce and a dash of Tempo Valley and extra scoop DJ Eskae. Should be dope. Tix available at Prototype.

I decided to countdown till the concert with my 5 favorite De La videos.
#5 Rollerskating Jam Called Saturday- Get your tops right!

It’s no secret that my wishlist includes having Lightsleepers EVERYTHING! You name it. Floormats, rice cookers, boomerangs, vinyl records, toys, poi pounders, monster trucks, Halo Spartan helmets, you name it. But here’s some things that I personally think are dope. Not no hypebeast steez. Some SexyBeast steez!
#1-Olivia Munn. Word. hahaha. Just playing. #1.5-Hundreds Magazine. I love the Hundreds. Can’t fit nothing of their shirts and jackets. And they don’t make 5 panel hats so no hats for me. Don’t get me wrong there’s been a few designs that I didn’t like but I like the Hundreds hustle! Strait up! Then to get dope and make a magazine is choice! I love magazines. I spend hours at Borders (whattup Kawika! Jon!) reading mags. Books hardly. Mags is my friend. But first you get dope hapa girl on the cover is a given. But you put in stickers (I’M HUGE STICKER FAN! BOXES FOR DAYS!) and TWO PAIRS of Hundreds shoelaces for FREE? and they only charge 10 bucks. Crap some mags i buy cost 6 or 7 bucks and come with nothing but those postcards to get a subscription. Word. available online at

#2-Aloha Army x In4mation x Menehune Mac Candy. Fricken Genius! Rep your brand and your state at the sametime! How many times you gotta go mainland or need to send someone something from Hawai’i. That can be a bitch. Here’s an idea. Make your own omiyagi! BRILIANT! Available at or

#3-Johnny Cupcake Notebook. I think it’s hella fresh that you can go to school or do whatever with this notebook. Details down to the back page and sketch area in front is dope. For $6 That’s a little too pricey for me. Don’t get me wrong…if someone GAVE me this book I would be stoked! But when i can buy a notebook for $.60 at walmart and slap Lightsleepers stickers all over the cover i gotta think about it. Steak plate or notebook? Things that make you go hmmmmmm. Then again you can use it as blackbook and have Katch1 or Angry Woebots draw in every page and then worth couple hundred bucks. Still yet this is HELLA DOPE! How many people you know made their own composition book besides Mead? YEAH! Available at

That’s all for now. Be on the lookout for Lightsleepers Fireworks this new years! See you tonight at Blue Scholars show tonight at the Loft! Scroll down for info. VVVVVVV

Sometimes you want a tuna sandwich. With Cheese!

I wonder if Fibes skanks? Pickitup! Ska! Ska! Ska! Rudeboy!

and for the people who use beat makers!
Here’s the fighers
Maybe the Blue Scholars can stop by after their TooGruvz instore?
And then after BEATROOT is pau you can head to Next Door to see Bambu & Phatrick at 9pm (movie starts @ 7)

I don’t. I got a Wii not plugged in. And I would buy PS3 for a blueray player ONLY! But man today is the day I’ve been waiting for since I got hooked on Halo. HALO 3 ODST! No Arbitor. No Master Chief. We find out how da buggah is!

While surprised that I actually woke up after a great Blue Scholars show (if you missed it got another one this friday!) I headed to town to drop off my old lady to work. Was suppose to go to Starbucks and do some homework. But then I seen it….THE EYE! They eye of what though? The eye of Sauron? Eye of the tiger? Nah was one dragon. But then I seen my buddy Reak!
Weird thing is I hardly see um. HARDLY. Funny thing is he lives down the road from me. Always a good time. I was suppose to go to Starsuck to do homework but I was determined not to leave without getting the flick of the final piece.
Unfortunately things prevented the piece from being finished. I like it. Has a spiderman feel to it. To be continued? I dunno.
Then picked up some hulihuli chicken from the spot on nimitz open only on Saturday (they starting fridayst too?) headed down Lagoon drive and watched the Thunderbirds while singing Highway To The Dangerzone in my mind and watching the Sheriffs tow people parking illegally on Lagoon Drive. People think just cus there’s something special going on that parking laws don’t matter anymore. Wrong! Sherrifs don’t play. My homie Dirty Sanchez would let you know! Keep it moving people!

Finally the boys return from Seatown. Catch them everywhere. Honolulu tonight at the Loft. Sunday at Magic Island. KTUH shows. Macky’s shrimp truck. Pa’ina Cafe. Rainbows. Kona. Maui. Your cousins house. Beatroot. Everywhere. Should be fun.

Did you get Sabzi’s Jawaiian mixtape?
Get it from their blog here

Don’t forget to pick up the OOF EP!

Afterparty listening party bbq sunday @ Magic Island