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Well this past saturday I actaully checked out the Greek Festival Hawai’i. I had one thing on my mind, GYROS! The greek taco (not really) but super simple yet never really done right. Punahou carnival is pretty decent and I never want to hunt around honolulu for gyros cus they hella expensive and the spots they are usually out of the way or out of my driving distance.
Anywho- Gyros. Simple. Gyro meat. Tomato. Onion. Tzatziki. Pita. PAU! My grandma got me hooked on these. I dunno what haole blood i get but might have Greek. Who knows. But you gotta love a big slab of meat rotating on a turntable. Put um in da bread! Grinds!
Secret to the goods. PUT EXTRA TZATZIKI! This guy had the hook ups. I stole the pic from the website. Not the guy that hooked me up but that’s the bottle of the good stuff.
Was pretty good. Ate good food. Spent choke money. But hey its a fundraiser for a church? Wow. My church only get bboy jams. No make nearly this kine money. And they want people to drink and get buzz and dance! MEAN DIS CHURCH! Jesus loves parties! I gonna go next year. For some reason choke guys try bring their chicks to act all cultured or something. Choke men that get their chicks pregnant go cus the chicks can eat. I go to eat Gyros!
And Baklava. Go next year. Check the website. Yiasou! Opa!

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