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Pic stolen from Contrast cus why take pics when I know mine gonna be DOODOO!

So I actually attended Red Bull’s Rival amongst other things during what seems to be the busiest weekend in the world. Well surf contests are dope but usually sucks cus YOU like go in the water. Same thing. Went to Sandy’s and I wanted to go in the water. But no ways I going Sandys. I go anywhere else. No Sandys for me. Well the format was pretty dope. One on One heats. North vs. South shore. Winners get the losers surfboards. Nice. Well I gotta say was a dope event. Red Bull pulled out all the stops. Red Bulls to keep everyone cool. The huge tent with bean bags to lounge. DJ Eskae and Logoe from the Nocturnal Sound Krew spinning the tunes (one of the few times Serato would be welcomed. You records gonna melt in the hot sun. Or get sandy. Or stolen by the crabs. hahaha) And had CHOKE chicks! CHOKE! And they all wanted to show off their buttcracks. Plumbers Ass for days. I dunno why it’s trendy or something (better than guys wearing girls jeans)….I wasn’t complaining….but I not suppose to be looking and you girls not helping either. And garrens I coulda scooped couple numbers too…. maybe not….but don’t doubt my game. You fellas lucky I’m retired! Don’t let the belly fool you! hahaha! Back to Rivals. FITTED hooked up the teams with sick snap back hats for the boys to rep North Shore or South Shore. I never stay long enough (check contrast for more details) but South Shore won. I gotta say if I was to choose a surf team side I would have to be a townie. While I boadyboard Walls, Kaisers (yeah Klein!), Pounders, Makapu’u and White Planes I only SURF at Canoes or Duke’s cus I gotta rent one board and I kinda not that good. Then again I don’t know any North Shore surfers either. I know NS food spots but no surfers. But I actually went school with Jason Shibata and Nick Mita from the south shore. Then Jun Jo’s always been the homie since we’ve met back at Ward. Either way everyone was a winner. And they gonna do it again next year. Maybe this could be like the Sunburn Classic for surfing? Till next year. Maybe I need to meet more surfers. Maybe I need to get a surfboard? But my bmx 26″ is extremely high on my wishlist over a 9′ longboard.

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