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Well if you didn’t know 9/9/9 was the drop of a buttload of things. Including the new Mountain Dew Green Label Art cans. Well I’ve been waiting to pick up the Pushead can. Some of the other cans(bottles) are dope too and I would collect them all if I seen them at 7-11 or something. So I’ve been trying to track them down in Honolulu calling all over the place. Well the national guys told me that Hawaii will be getting them and wait till 9/9/9. I was stoked. But today is that day. And I did go to 7-11 to buy some water and remembered to look for my Pushead Mountain Dew. No such luck. Called the people in charge of Mountain Dew distro in Honolulu. They sent me to the National Consumer Line. That guy helped me get to the workings of who to ask for. Called the Honolulu guys back. Asked for the right guy and was told THEY DECIDED NOT TO CARRY THEM! They felt there was no market here in Hawaii. BOOOO! Bad enough we pay more for everything and get screwed on all the national deals like $5 pizzas and people charge extra shipping to Hawaii and Alaska because we are considered OVERSEAS even though we part of USA and the post office charges the same price within ALL 50 states. I kinda understand that $2 for a can of Mountain Dew might be a little pricey but look at all the donkeys paying big bucks for coffee they could make for pennies AT HOME. Oh the frustration.

If you luckily live outside hawaii get your cans for the next couple weeks. More info at and check out the dope prizes you could win. Happy hunting. For you twitter heads follow them at @Dew_GLA.

And if you can send me a pushead can! thanks!

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