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Grouch & Eligh rocked Next Door. I love Next Door as a venue. Got a good feel. Sounds was ok but had its moments. But I had fun. Lost my voice screaming during the “Artsy”/”Mind Over Matter” one two combo. Well big up to Bart for throwing the show. He asked me if I could work the merch table for G&E. Hell yeah. Two spots I love at shows. Outside on the sidewalk and merch table. My merch table resume is pretty dope. Visionaries, Shapeshifters, Busdriver, Nomasterbacks, Kavet the Catalyst, 2Mex, Grouch & Eligh…choke people. One thing people always like. Music and shirts of their favorite bands. Well I couldn’t ask for anything more. My favorite emcee (Grouch) and his boy Eligh (who’s dope as well) and my own little spot next to the stage. Yeah you gotta watch out for shady kleptomaniacs and drunk bastards spilling drinks on the merch but its comes with the teritory. Thanks Joe G for helping watch the other end of the table. That had to be one of the longest merch tables I ever worked. But man how many dope albums those two had. Impressive indeed.
PS. I stole my pics from Honolulu Metromix I usually don’t say who i jack pics from but they cool and help promote LS shows. Thanks Tracy!

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