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While surprised that I actually woke up after a great Blue Scholars show (if you missed it got another one this friday!) I headed to town to drop off my old lady to work. Was suppose to go to Starbucks and do some homework. But then I seen it….THE EYE! They eye of what though? The eye of Sauron? Eye of the tiger? Nah was one dragon. But then I seen my buddy Reak!
Weird thing is I hardly see um. HARDLY. Funny thing is he lives down the road from me. Always a good time. I was suppose to go to Starsuck to do homework but I was determined not to leave without getting the flick of the final piece.
Unfortunately things prevented the piece from being finished. I like it. Has a spiderman feel to it. To be continued? I dunno.
Then picked up some hulihuli chicken from the spot on nimitz open only on Saturday (they starting fridayst too?) headed down Lagoon drive and watched the Thunderbirds while singing Highway To The Dangerzone in my mind and watching the Sheriffs tow people parking illegally on Lagoon Drive. People think just cus there’s something special going on that parking laws don’t matter anymore. Wrong! Sherrifs don’t play. My homie Dirty Sanchez would let you know! Keep it moving people!

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