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Well De La Soul is coming to town to my heart’s delight! You better believe me and Dubside gonna be FRONT ROW sucka! Don’t drink nothing so you don’t gotta pee! Every time De La came to Hawai’i somebody in my family gotta ruin my chance to go. Missed the dope shows on the Nalo polo field cus my cuz got married.Check out what I missed! (big ups SickDog)
Seen them for the first time at Pipeline. Had to hold Joey Libby from falling off the speaker while taking photos. Had to hold Trugoy from falling off the speaker and barricade. Had this girl grabbing my ass freaking me trying to get next to me in the front. Didn’t flinch! Then again maybe she just wanted to grab my ass and freak me? Well this time the guys at SkyHI(THANKS HOMIE!) bringing De La with a side of Biz Markie and a splash of Tassho Pearce and a dash of Tempo Valley and extra scoop DJ Eskae. Should be dope. Tix available at Prototype.

I decided to countdown till the concert with my 5 favorite De La videos.
#5 Rollerskating Jam Called Saturday- Get your tops right!

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