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Well Shepard doing his thing again to help others with his art. This time he’s actually helping people I know. This print is to help raise funds for my buddies Dave and Holly Combs, creators of Peel magazine. Now I’m a huge sticker fan and a few years ago I actually picked up my first copy of PEEL mag at Towers (Livicated!). When Towers went out of business I had no way to get PEEL anymore. I eventually emailed the mag and that’s how I started to talk to Dave. Eventually I was the only PEEL mag rep in Hawaii supplying three stores and a handful of subscriptions to readers in Hawai’i. They went on to opening a gallery and published a book. Unfortunately things didn’t look too good and the magazine folded and they had to close the gallery. They filed for bankruptcy and lost their house. While they are hopeful to bring the mag back to life they still have debts to pay off. Shepard created this print to help raise funds for the Combs. As I went to find the link on obeygiant the print just sold out. Word. Check out and see whats up with sticker heads from around the world. Don’t forget you can pick up their book Peel: art of the sticker on

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