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Joseph de Veuster aka Father Damien aka SAINT DAMIEN. Mean. A Haole man truely dedicated to helping HAWAIIANS! WORD! Glad all the news guys putting his Sainthood on blast. Everyone should do the same selflessness he demonstrated (Myself included). Now I’m not a Catholic but the man put Hawai’i on the map for the world to see by giving his life to helping Hawaiians with leprosy to end up getting leprosy and dying. I couldn’t even imagine such a thing especially in today’s “Me first” society. HELP OTHERS! Word.
Check his banner. Buggah is MEAN! What they do with it after church? Glad to see local news stations putting Father Damien on tv. Glad all those Kalaupapa peeps got to go to Rome. Glad Father Damien did what he did. Don’t hold your breath and never expect there to be Saint Lofa ever.
PS. No need pray to one saint when can pray to the LORD JESUS! Direct line! CHEE!

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