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Such a lovely place, plenty lovely faces. I gotta say I’m not that artsy bastard the Grouch rhymes about. I’m simple. But sometimes HIFF got me by the balls. HIFF let me meet Kevin Smith. HIFF introduced me to Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot while showing Harry Kim’s movie David Choe Dirty Hands. David Choe hooked me up with whale sketches at HIFF. They got a good eye. This year no different. I kinda just wanna chill at the lounge and not watch anything. Good time just people watching (no talking, just observing, almost lurking stalkerish but no). Here’s MY HIFF suggestions.
IP MAN! The LOFA MUST SEE! Shit I don’t care if I watch it at HIFF cus garrens get the DVD chinatown already but I GONNA OWN UM! Kung Fu movies is my Shiznit!(Everyday Im hustling everyday im hustling. HAHAHA) I got buttloads of Kung Fu dvds. DONNIE YEN IN A BUNCH OF THEM! Best known as the Iron Monkey Donnie got mad movie roles with the best of them like Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Michelle Yeoh, your mom, you name it! This time he’s playing IP MAN. Wing Chun master and OG instructor to somebody named BRUCE LEE BITCHES! WOO HOO! Just go

Here’s the other movies I like watch
*The Real Shaolin-two haoles go Shaolin try learn from the Abbot! WU TANG WU TANG!
*Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein girl-B Movie. Blood. Japanese girls. Skeletons. Comedy? Don’t look as dope as Machinegun Girl (<–saw at HIFF a while back. FUNNY!)
*Evangeleon:2.0 You Can (not) advanced- Anime for you Otaku. I didn't watch the first one.
*More than a game-Lebron and his high school team. I wanna WITNESS LeBron! Let's Do this!
*Ong Bak 2-Tony Jaa. 1st was dope. Another look 4 the dvd?
*The Warrior & The Wolf-I don't wanna watch. I like meet Maggie Q! She gonna be there!

Thats my list. They get choke stuff. Love stories. Dramas. Blowup doll movies. Bollywood movies. Bukbuk movies. K-Drama lovers. LOST parties. At least one movie you think would be dope. Just go. Support local film fests. I miss IIFF. Can't wait for 2H2F (or is it H2F2). Big ups to Sarah and the rest of the people that make HIFF dope for ME!

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