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All you people trying to be promoters or whatnot here’s the general rule. Unless you doing Halloween party or something Halloweenee don’t plan nothing near Halloween cus you gotta compete with buttloads of events. This weekend proves true. No battle Halloween so you have um two weeks before. Yeah I just HIFFed below and there’s craploads of stuff going on but here’s two things that matter to me. You want the other stuff go look or, StarBulletin HiLife, Metromix, TGIF, the library, your sisters best friend, Mufi, whoevers. Here you go.
KTUH Hip Hop @ Manoa Gardens. Why i posting this? 1st. It’s Free. 2nd. It’s always fun. Can drink or eat Bale stuff and watch a good show. ALR, Tassho, Creed, Deadbeats, (no NMB or KTC due to schedule conflicts). 3. Support KTUH! If no KTUH then no Lightsleepers. Roots Hawaiian! Watch the KTUH documentry if you can!
3DEEP! Why I posted. 1st Mc5B got his band the Jump Offs doing CD launch party. 2nd. $10 bucks gets you in three bars. I know you don’t got ins like Omega Cix or Killawatts Mongoose or Ted. and the boys just released the 3rd issue of Contrast.
I never read yet so i dunno what got. I know got SICK Olde Ivory ad that makes the Lightsleepers ad look craptastic cus MEAN NEVER COME THRU! hahaha playin son. Don’t forget your potholders! All you party peeps get your practice for halloween i guess. All you cool people like me kick it on the sidewalk! Be safe! Congrats Jumpoffs. Big ups Contrast. Mabuhay KTUH!


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