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Giant Robot turns 15. Chee hu! Eric and Martin’s mag is one of my favorites. The only mag I actually buy every issue. Started reading it because I thought it was a mag about Ultraman toys and other mecha stuff (what you gonna think when you see Giant Robot on the cover? I don’t read Da Kine magazine cus Im hetero but i do reed Heeb but im not jewish) Anywho Giant Robot got the sickest articles, dope artwork, mean otaku stuff (no hentai please!), introduced me to Murakami and Domokun (way before 7-11! lol) and also intro’d me to David Choe before Lucky asked if I like kick it with Dave at Lucky’s tattoo studio in Chinatown. Giant Robot having a mean artshow that runs for three months! Crazy line up. How come Hawaii got nothing this dope. Closest thing was when the Barnstormers came to The Contempo Museum. (That was a fun week. Big ups Dave Ellis, Kami, and Sasu and the crew!) Well congrats to the GR crew and please continue to support them and buy a mag and go to their stores in SF, LA, and NY (or their SDCC booth) and buy something and buy me some stickers. Kudos! PS. Check out the Choebots Dave made! Prints at the show or check out

PS. I hope he comes to Hawai’i this week!

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