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Headed to Kaimuki with my homie Rotch. I used to run all over Kaimuki back when I lived Kapahulu or went school St. Patty’s.
Up the steps to Stortos. Had to try it but at the same time I was more stoked to slap the door. I rather make the trip to Haleiwa. You townies stay here. Was still good. Was tweaking on the KPOI stuff like the mic and the concert posters.
Grab the door! Crap buggah crooked.
Half of my Rocky Point before I murder um! Papaya dressing all in yo face!
Boats n bros!
Headed to Gecko Books. Haven’t been there for a while and thought they went out of business. They moved to other side of the block. Still smells like the funky incense from the psychic mystic store that moved across the street (but if they moved across the street rent must be expensive but must be cheaper than old Geckos.) New store looks good. some good stuff. Plush Bone. Hammer of Thor. D&D. Comics. CHEE!
Stopped by Mechahawaii in search of Grimlock. He sold out. Settled for Megatron the GUN not the PLANE! Ate some candy. Forgot to buy ice cake.
Picked up a friendly Samurai. He’s an eraser. Can fit on your pencil or your macbook. Only a buck at Mechahawaii. Mean!

Kaimuki. You pretty ok.

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