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Passed on yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast. Said hello manapua and pork hash. Not so healthy but ono as hell! Well I guess down town office types eat manapuas for halloween cus look like white jackolanterns? Who knows. I like when a business is so dope everyone wants it. Glad don’t gotta worry bout bad economy shutting down my manapua shop. word. BUT I DISLIKE ALL THE DONKEYS CAN’T WAIT IN LINE FOR MANAPUAS WHEN THEY STILL COOKING! Had buttloads of phone orders from before i got there and then a handful of people before me in line that ordered. The donkeys was a few peeps behind me. First Char Hung Sut only got 12 items or so on their menu INCLUDING WATER AND JUICE. 12 items. These fools asking for all kine stuff they don’t even make. Sushi? Go Mitsubas or something. Manapuas, pork hash, pepeiao, half moon, gau gee, chow fun, , mataisoo, rice cake, black sugar, gon lo mein, water, juice, pau! Then they had nerve to complain saying they in a hurry. Homie over there (bruddah surfs kaisers! CHEE!) told them if you no can wait don’t order. HAHAHA. Everyone else waited. You not special and you never pay extra or BUY CHOKE! Eight manapuas. C’mon Son! Get the kuffa outta here! Supply and demand! Mastered by the manapua man!

Happy Halloween. I know you not doing nothing but lurking the internet (if you not furlowed!) so go download this paper candy dish at Castleforte and load the m&m’s or snickers inside for your coworkers!

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