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I actually finished a class this wednesday so I don’t have homework just yet. Decided to check the interwebs to see whats the scoops. Two things that caught my eye.
Look at these bad ass ROBOCABS by Mach505. Found on
Picture 2
WHATTUP SPANKY! Makes you kinda bummed when somebody makes something simple and dope that makes you say “Crap I shoulda thought of that!” big ups to Mach505. Freshness indeed.

Second place- FLYING COFFIN!
Picture 1
The wearer of sandpaper condoms got new hats on the way. Ironic that I love Flying Coffin yet their logo got upside down cross. I just slap them stickers upside down so Jesus still wins! CHEE! He got a husky hawaiian sale or something where if you put XXL in the promo code you save 40% off XXL shirts only. I spent two hours watching Sonicgate on his site. Makes me sad the Seattle Supersonics can’t make Ice Cube mad and beat the Lakers. Makes me MORE mad at the Starsucks guy! Makes me happy to enjoy a table and plug my macbook in and NOT BUY NOTHING!!!!!! CHEE! Makes me not like OKC Thunder either. Love the players, hate the franchise! Watch Sonicgate at
Third- Lightsleepers Twitter page
Picture 3
Did you know you can follow Lightsleepers on Twitter? Go to and follow! Get inside scoops on new events, special deals, and whatnots from the Lightsleepers Ohana. What’s pokebowl mondays? Key Kool is gonna be at Beatroot? 2Mex, Xinxo and LifeRexall performing at Anna’s? Deck the Halls Dec. 11? Nomasterbacks signing at Victoria Secret? Kavet the Catalyst 7″ featuring MF DOOM? all those questions and more answered by the LS twitter account. Big ups to the Fail Whale and the Japanese Fail Whaler! Don’t Sleep!

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