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While killing time yesterday I decided to go to Don Quijote in town. Now I hardly head over there but when I do I’ll spend choke time walking through the shelves of dope japanese stuff. Town don’t have whole frozen goats like the Waipahu one but it has it’s dope stuff like Anpanman furikaki shakers and mean hot food for cheap. They get plate lunches for five bucks and bunch of other stuff. I dunno where else you can get like 3 pounds of cornbread for $3.50. So I decided to grab some hamburger steak and two scoops rice and kicked it in front of the store where Harpos used to be. I don’t know how the restaurants outside can stay open when I can get similar items inside Don Quijote’s for cheaper. Bento outside….7 bucks. Bento inside…$3.50! But man Japanese people FROM JAPAN love to shop there. So many hot chicks too. Forget going clubbing….GO SHOPPING! If you single and looking for a date or a future wife that needs a green card go cruize the bakery. And Japanese people love bread. Not just any kine bread. They like quality bread. They got me hooked on expensive bread from St. Germains. That mini loaf is $3.50. I go costco get 2 big loafs for $4. But the bread is so different. Japanese people might know a few secrets. They invented samurai swords, ninja stars, nintendo, and other cool stuff but can’t stop Godzilla from stomping out Tokyo.

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