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This turkey day I got lots to be thankful for. While I was cleaning Waikiki Beach with the Kicks/HI crew and Vezzen i was feeling kinda bad for the homeless people. I have never been homeless. I’ve been poor but I always had a place to stay. Thankful I live Hawaii! Thankful for great friends and family. Thankful my health is ok (getting better…gonna be super sexy soon…maybe….nah). Thankful I’m alive. Thankful Jesus died for OUR sins and I can go heaven. Thankful Kavet gave me a chance for be a partner in crime. Thankful Lightsleepers is pretty dope and thankful to all who support dope underground hiphop.

In this thankful time no forget what’s important. And don’t forget the importance of helping others. Being a blessing to others so that you can be blessed. From dropping some change in the bell ringers bucket to feeding the homeless, picking up some trash or teaching the keikis, or buying a skateboard deck or donating money at DECK THE HALLS DEC 11! (ok shameless plug…I’m thankful you read my blog!) do something to better someone elses life.

With love, Lofa

PS. I’m thankful turkeys aint that smart so I can eat um! (See pic^^^^) Oh I can’t wait for cook one this year. I’m pretty good! Thanks food network!

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