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I had a hankerin for some FRESH CATCH smoke meat and onions. So I decided to take my cans and bottles and recycle them over in Kaimuki. If you recycle some bottles they give you a coupon on your receipt for 5% off Fresh Catch for Hi5 recycling with them. MEAN! So I went at 9 and guess what. THEY OPEN 10AM! BOOO! What they no can open early like okazuya? Well I went recycle my stuff and needed to buy some water so I went Kapahulu Safeway. Still hungry I went looking for breakfast. A glance at the donuts made me run to Leonard’s. Kapahulu lengendary spot! Yeah I bought haupia malasadas. Yeah had japanese people and for some reason choke parking too! I also had the urge to slap some Lightsleepers stickers.

This pole gets covered with stickers. Notice the paint missing from the stickers they took down. Ever since they redid the sign they’ve been diligent to remove them stickers when they pop up. Yet they keep rocking that Aloha Served Daily sticker from the FITTED Crew! SICKEST STICKER EVER! Make a sticker that is unoffensive to everyone. If somebody put that sticker on my establishment I don’t think I would be bummed either. Helenas got theirs running strong. They took the one at Rainbows down but I think the bank did it, not Rainbows. Always think about sidebusting it but I’m worried that they gonna take my LS sticker down and the FITTED one too if they gotta go up that high. That don’t help nobody.

These two signs make me happy. Stop sign gonna continue to get murdered. Malasada pick up=sticker put up? maybe. Second sign. KAPAHULU AVE! THAT’S WHAT’S UP! Raiders, Wall Rats, & Rainbows! CHEE!

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