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A while back I was hanging outside Split Obsession waiting for the store to open so I could buy a Joe Ledbetter Dunny. There was this guy pacing the store front wondering what’s going on. I didn’t know who this guy was. After the store opened at 10am he bought his Dunny and ran out the store. I did the same as well as a few other friends and ran to Kaimuki to another store selling the Dunny at noon. After buying a second Dunny we all left. That night we all talked about it on the stores online forum. First time I met Haynmade. After several meetings at art shows and toy releases the Kaimuki store hosting the forum went out of business. The forum was still running but I knew it was only a matter of time before that shut down too. I was talking to Haynmade about it and he was like “Somebody should make a Hawaii toy forum, maybe you?” No way I was gonna do a toy forum. After some convincing he created 808 Orbit. Haynmade met Marine on the forum and he purchased some toys that Marine designed. That led to “Feed My Tummy” custom show coming up on Dec. 1.

Some of the biggest names in the art world doing custom figures for this show. Pocket Full Of Monsters crew got a bunch of people doing the show like Scribe, Angry Woebots, CkaweekS, Newkon, Peekaboo Monster, and 2H. Pancho Abalos also helping up the number of Hawaii artist in the show of 15 customs. Super stoked. Big ups Haynmade.

Check out for info.

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