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Well if you didn’t know by now me, ktc, and a bunch of homies doing the Deck The Halls skatedeck art show on Dec. 11 at Manifest to benefit Kenny as he gotta pay medical bills of $30,000 or more to battle leukemia. Gonna be a good show and 30 decks will be customized and sold with ALL PROCEEEDS going to Kenny. But I want to help Kenny out before the show even happens. So I’m looking for sponsors to help me raise 1% of what he needs BEFORE the show even starts, that’s about $300. So my goal is to look for 150 friends and family of mine that would be down to sponsor me $2 or more to help me surpass my goal. $2 aint much. A bus ride. A spam musubi and two quarters. I started collection with $2 worth of coins in from my wallet. Already at $30. Thanks Benny and Joe! Today is the official launch day. If you interested hit me up at Thanks for your support! With love, Lofa

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