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So the homies at Kicks/HI had a beach clean up at Kaimana Beach a while back. Now I always want to help others and our ‘aina as well. I missed the Hui beach clean up (I miss it every year cus I no like go North Shore and fight traffic in the winter) and when the crew at Kicks said they doing Kaimana I had to help. First it was near my hood. Kapahulu. Go sneak in some breakfast from Rainbows. Win. Second was cleaning near my beach. WALLS. Never considered myself a wall rat but they was all my boys growing up. Third Kicks was giving away 50 snap back hats that were HELLA dope. Crap if they was a five pannel i woulda rocked it. Gave mine to KTC so he can wear um with the D. Lee OH! Lightsleepers shirt coming soon.

So me and Vezzen headed to the beach on an early Saturday morn. This is a pic of some of the trash that was collected. I thought wasn’t gonna be lots to pick up cus they got city n county crews to clean up the park but the mass of tourist keeps the trash flowing and the workers only take care of the big stuff visible when you drive by. The bench that served as Kicks/HI Waikiki homebase had thousands of cigarette butts and beer bottle caps within a three foot radius of the table. Coulda just stayed there and filled half a bag.

Part of the Kicks/HI crew

Fellow do gooders

The Lightsleepers posse helping Mother Nature. Me and Joe had fun cleaning up stuff. Was trying to find the most randomest piece of trash to pick up. I found it. I picked it up. Story is too gross to post. So gross some tourist that seen it was yelling “That’s so gross!” She lucky I never leave it for her to step on. Then make things weird KITV4 was doing a story bout the homeless camping at Waikiki and next thing I know they shooting us picking up trash. Wonder if they thought we was homeless. I’m greatful I’m not but I feel bad for the people that really are.

Big ups to the Kicks/HI crew. They gonna do another one soon. Lightsleepers ohana gonna be there to lend a helping hand.

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