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Started a new class yesterday, but had my last school day for 2009! This what furlough friday feels like? Anywho.

Honolulu Weekly did a little ditty (cus they really want to) on the backside of yesterdays paper bout Deck The Halls.

Read um here

Seen the new Lightsleepers splash pic

Makes me miss Rred Elephant & Studio 1. I don’t miss paying rent for the spot out of pocket after the event is over. Thankful for Easy Music Center Beatroots! (Next one in Jan!)

Lurked Her birthday is friday. Party at Fresh Cafe. Hows this moke with the pimp action! CHEE HU!

Painted a pillar today and waiting to eat my Mana Bu’s 10 grain musubi and pasta salad! Namaste Muthatruckas!

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