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Now I don’t know why but I love tribal shows. But not the ones where the haole guys try become one of them. They dumb and was getting all high off their crazy tribal drugs. Peer pressure is a mofo! A while back the Travel Channel went to Pentacost Island and followed the Bunlap people as they did their crazy land diving off towers with yam vines or whatevers. That was my favorite show. I watched it every time they showed. Then they started hyping up “Meet The Natives: USA” and I was like “Yo they gonna bring them to the USA and freak them out!” Ends up these guys from Tanna, near Fiji in Vanuatu. They Melanesian like the Bunlaps. Still I love this show MORE! They hella funny. Heart warming as they search for Tom Navy and end up having to settle for meeting Colin Powell instead. Mean. Well the season is pretty much over and I watch all the reruns. Wondering if they gonna take them to other places? And wondering if laplap tastes good like haupia or kulolo…….

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