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Happy New Year sucka! Well I haven’t been online forever. I didn’t miss it. I did miss the interaction with people that I only communicate online with and I’ve come to a conclusion. Emails are doodoo. Call a fool! I sent you a message on myspace or twitter is not the same as dialing a number and conversating. Word. Well here’s what I’ve been doing

Honolulu City Lights. Best use of my tax dollars not really but I enjoy it! This big thing sponsered by Bank of Hawaii. I like get some scrilla and get one Lightsleepers figure like another honu or monk seal or a dolphin or a fisherman or something!

Joe G. climbing on shit you not suppose to be on! word!

Butteryass Goombas in City Hall

mario shroom

Joe trying to be artsy. maybe he ate the shroom?

Somebody wanted Kelly Hu for Christmas! WORD!

Somebody made a wreath with show flyers and stuff. Dope

Somebody added an LS sticker and made the wreath extra dope. Don’t worry wasn’t stuck on. was just tucked behind some flyers. Hope it never blow away with a wind gust or something.

Highlight of my Christmas 2009! two minutes later! if you know then you know…..I’m STOKED!

Jesus is the reason for the season! Happy Birthday BABY JESUS!

2 shakas for the shaka thread. When that LS Drip gonna drop i dunno?

Mele Kalikimaka! ING was giving free hot cocoa or coffee! Better than $5 pizza! Word!

ended the night at Hungry Lion. Haven’t been there for ages. Watched football and ate some Super Bowls. Joe wanted a myspace pic. Ok. Im too lazy to email. Just steal um joe.

A few days later I found this Melon sticker still running outside Diegos Tacos down King St by UH. word.

Then the best day of the year happened. Christmas was dope but I like fastforward to the next day. Dec. 26. Fireworks buying day! CHEE HU!

Was wierd seing duck brand at Daiei Waipahu. Wanted to buy but frick was like $70 for a 25,000! You funny!

Settled for Double Luck. Get Double Bomb. Get Good Luck red banner in bomb. Get 2 for the price of one Duck Brand and still some money left over for ground blooms with report. Next year maybe i get one Duck. Maybe.

Well that’s all. Happy New Years! Glad to see the fires low this year but man everyone going nuts with the salutes. Fire Department gonna push for all out ban again this year like every year but I’m scared they might get it soon cus you people CRAZY! Hopefully the fans of fireworks continue to oppose the ban! Did you stash any leftovers for Chinese New Years? Soon Come! Kung Hee Fat Choy! CHEE!

With love, Lofa!

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