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Well the new year started and I dunno if this counts as a resolution because i don’t believe in that mumbojumbo anyways but I wanna start cooking more food than I do eating out. Kinda hard in this modern lifestyle but crap I live Kapolei and don’t got a refrigerator somewhere in town. Anywho I decided I gonna do WAY MORE STUFF THAT I LOVE TO DO ANYKINE TIMES I CAN! Sampled my bodyboard for the first time this year and got worked. Still fun. Thinking about hiking Diamond Head just to get summit pics but i dread that stack of stairs at the top. I decided to go to the KCC Farmers Market on Saturday cus I love the Miso Butterfish and Salmon Fried Rice from that Ohana Seafood joint. Second best thing is this Tomato pizza.

How come eating veggies never this good all the time? Choking down salads when you not feeling salady sucks.

Well I got some eggplants cus I love grilled eggplants. Slap um in my George Foreman grill next to my onions and some salmon burgers and I’m a winner! Bought some eggplants for Give it Fresh Today. They get a tent at the entrance to the Saturday KCC Farmer’s Market and collect donations of produce purchased at the market to help feed the homeless people at places like Unity Church of Hawaii and the Institute for Human Services. Earn your brownie points and help the homeless. CHEE! If you want to get involved or volunter you can contact Vivian at or call 282-0053. Or at least buy the homeless something to eat. I got a hard time giving cash to homeless people cus who knows what they gonna do with um, buy booze or drugs? At least this way I know somebody getting some eggplants in their belly so not rumbling. Word!


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