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This is DJ Packo. A true homie indeed. Lightsleeper supporter. Direct Descendant. Currently DJing for Creed Chameleon. Came through clutch when me and KTC was doing the LS Pop Up Store and we was missing stuff for the turntables AND cut it up during the day. Winners. That year he gave me his “12 Tracks of Christmas” mixtape. Winners. Well he got an article in the Honolulu Weekly here. He also got a website called were you can DOWNLOAD some of his mixes like his 12 Tracks of Christmas and pick his mind. He also got a new dubstep mixtape called Aqua Dust. I not a big dubstep guy but my homies that like dubstep like Packo’s mix. Check out his site and support your local DJs!

All you other DJs make some mixtapes!

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