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Well this weekend I spent too much time (and too much money) at the Friends of the Library Hawaii/Hawaii Public Radio sale at FLH’s new bookmobile headquarters. Pimp warehouse next to ReUse Hawaii and the H5 homeless shelter. Anywho Kevin’s 2 Boots had set up shop outside. Word. He used to rock a spot in Kailua but shut it down and now runs a truck in Wahiawa Monday through Friday only. Heard sometimes you can catch him downtown at First Fridays too. I don’t know the times but seen mad reviews about his food. I had to try um.

Wonder who painted the truck. I think I have idea but not too sure. Better than the Macky’s shrimp truck in Haleiwa.

This is legit. Jambalaya like a mofo! Cornbread is dope too! But that jambalaya murders! I ate the meat version with chicken with sausage on Saturday. Was heading to church and get a text on my way to church that KTC was going. I was thinking jambalaya. Returned Sunday to hunt the rare wax finds. Was gonna be good and order vegetarian jambalaya this time cus how many veggie foods can you find that taste good. Guess what. I said to hell with that idea! CHICKEN & SAUSAGE!!!!! WORD! Big ups Kevin and the lady that was working there. Mean grinds. Mean.

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