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This is Gordon Rider. A character created by Jon J. Murakami, based on fiction about a real person named Gordon. Here’s Jon and Gordon.

Jon is hella talented. Does local greeting cards and illustrates anykine stuff. Also got an online comic strip for Oceanic Time Warner’s website called Online Aloha. But this is all about Gordon Rider.

Jon based Gordon Rider off old japanese tv shows like kikaida and kamen rider.

I think after the second time I went to Mechahawaii I actually noticed drawings on the white board that looked like this. Skills with a crappy dry erase pen indeed.

It was attached to an actual comic strip. Too bad I didn’t know what the story was. I was behind and didn’t go often enough to get updated. Then one visit I actually seen Jon drawing the storyboard live. Impressed I was being the comic book fan I am. All this digital photoshop/illustrator crap don’t hold nothing without OG drawing skills! Gotta be handy with the lead, if you know what I mean, earn your keep! ILLUSTRATORS mount up…. it was a clear black night, a clear white moon….hahaha nope.

Then one day I walked in to Mechahawaii and seen this on the shelf.

Now I still have a dream to have my own comic book. Even if only one issue or something. My own comic book. Ever since I picked up them Pineapple Man issues (Hawaii comics you don’t know bout.) But here’s Jon with his strip that he converted from white board drawingings into pages like this. (Taken from the strip above)

I didn’t have the balls to talk to Jon till Bruce introduced me at Split Obsession a while back. Jon knows how to make a mobile office (something I kinda know how to do) and he got nice sense of humor. Exhibit A.

Three years of chatting it up with Jon and visiting Mechahawaii I never bought an issue of Gordon Rider. Then last week after visiting Mechahawaii and not finding something I wanted to buy in my pricerange (THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING I WANNA BUY AT MECHA! Just don’t have the funds…. working on that!) I actually bought all three issues of Gordon Rider. Yeah I had Jon sign um cus I’m like that. I make everyone sign everything (except wax…dunno why). Here’s the latest issue….#3

Support local comics and pick up all three copies. Current episodes still on the Mechahawaii white board but pick up the hard copies at Mechahawaii in Kaimuki and Split Obsession in Ala Moana and Koko Marina.

Gordon Rider: the comic also has a facebookpage here

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