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My tv no more digital cus on the real no need but I do wish had that on screen tv guide thing. I stuck having to go channel 12 and see the scoops scrolling up the screen. First time I seen “Pit Boss” on the guide thought the show was about casino managers like that old American Casino (anybody actually went to Green Valley Ranch? Never been Vegas cus no more 5Gs to waste!) Anywho was about a little person named Shorty managing little people actors. Was pretty cool. Wasn’t poker related but I liked it. I’m trying to train my pack with Cesar Milan’s help so I watch how others manage their dogs. (Watched some dog agility show during the Colts game. Like when them dogs jump for distance into the pool. MEAN!) This Shorty guy is pretty entertaining. He’s a BOSS! And he rescues pit bulls from jerks that don’t take care of them. Was pretty mean watching him almost scrap with a popolo guy. I know the popolo guy wanted to kick his butt but was all like “can you hit a little person?” Only watched one episode so who knows if the show is really dope. But this Shorty guy is a character indeed.

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