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Dedicated to J.Blaze So Necessary and Candy Diaz cus they cupcake tweet so much.

Some reason I ended up in ‘Aina Haina. Who goes ‘Aina Haina? Only people that live there. Last time you was there had Showbiz or Chucky Cheeseseses. Well I love me red velvet cake. And Hokulani is my spot. But heard choke things about Cake Couture in ‘Aina Haina. I had to spock um.

This was pretty dope at the same time kinda waste time. They show all the cupcakes they make with the menu and the color squares is what flavors they get. I like the design and concept hella dope you win!

Here’s the waste. I’m smart as a mofo. And I eat with my eyes. If the bugga look good i buy um. Seen Red Velvet. Got Red Velvet. Never even seen the wall till I was cashing out. Eh. Maybe it’s for the haole people?

These joints suppose to be special or something because they was stuffed or something. I never try.

This guy is BOSS!

Verdict? I dunno. They make good cupcakes. They got parking. The got second location in Downtown. Red Velvet was good. They hook up the frosting indeed. But I kinda liked the cake from Hokulani better than Cake Couture’s cake. But I aint turning down a cupcake from Cake Couture if you buy me one. Was good. Big ups to them cupcake cats.

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