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I wish people would just take furlough fridays and move on. But crap these kids go school and finish 1PM on tuesdays or something and we wonder why kids hella unmotivated, uneducated, disrespectful, and strait up hooligans. WE MADE THEM HOOLIGANS! I was a hooligan too! Well I digress. Let’s get some education since you keikis not in school. Imma learn you something. Today’s topic: Recycling.

I took the Tour De Trash tour yesterday presented by Mayor Mufi and C&C of Honolulu. First stop. Hilton Hawaiian Hotel. Here’s Chief (that’s a great alias. almost as good as Lofa. And he walk around Hilton everyone was “eh chief! Howzit chief! Kumusta Chief!” BOSS!) showing one of 13 kitchens on Hilton Hawaiian Village. They recycle the food scraps to make pig feed.

Buttloads of paper, cardboard, bottles and cans ready to leave the loading dock.

Hilton looks nice. My house gonna look like this. With some ultramans on the walls.

Hilton wanted to flex. So they took us to the executive suite. Penthouse. Mean. Check the crowd of geriatrics, hippies, yuppies, and two highschool students getting their learn on about workplace recycling.

Check da view

Kaisers is small. Glad I wasn’t in the water.

Checking Ala Moana Blvd traffic

Hilton hooking up the goods. Coffee, soda, water, and chocolate chip cookies. And a Hilton eco shopping bag. Woohoo for free swag!

Then the opala crew loaded us on a bus and headed to convention center where they recycle EVERYTHING including their broken chairs and metal stuff and donate all the food left over to local charities. Word.

After that we headed to Gyutaku restaurant. They recycle too.

This is where they brief the ronins and shoguns right before the ninjas crash through the windows and blades start swinging.

Gyutaku by Naoki. Respect.

For lunch i bagged on the group and headed to Sanoyas to save cash. HPD trying to make cash by catching speeders and jaywalking.

Next stop Young Laundry. They recycle their wire hangers when no can use no more. They use biodiesel to fuel their boilers. They use hot water collected from condensation. Mean. Back on the bus.

Last stop, Mufi’s office building. Never seen Mufi. They took us to the dungeon. No Outkast.

Ring de alarm! See the stuff you no see when they get christmas trees and decorations hiding them.

They hide all them decorations in here. Shaka Santa and the wife, Snowmens, the blocks, everything.

The city hides their print shop and the complaint department desk in the dungeon so you don’t print and you don’t complain. Also went to the Fasi Building across the yard. The city recycles everything they can. Did you know that the city wants you to throw away your phone books, magazines, shredded paper, and plastics grades 3 through 7 because they are more valuable as fuel to make electricity at HPower than to recycle? Makes me happy to toss mags. Also toss envelopes with or without plastic windows because the adhesive messes up the recycling process and lowers paper value. And did you know you can only recycle computer paper at them huge dumpsters at the schools but not in your blue bins at home? And you can’t recycle shredded paper because the small fibers are not worth anything?

Returned to the Hilton to get my car. A kukaburo. Sitting in the tree. Merry merry king of the bush is he.

Snappy the turtle

Snappys house

Was a eventful day learning how businesses recycle and save money and the environment at the same time. This is DJ Ou. He wants your vote. He also wanted to ban fireworks and make legal graffiti walls so they could get people to snitch on graff writers. First one to start the sign waving.

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