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No New Year’s Day to celebrate, No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away, No first of spring, No song to sing, In fact here’s just another ordinary day. No Pro Bowl in Hawaii. My 2 cents on the issue. As a Native Hawaiian it sucks. Pro Bowl brought lots of money to our economy. It also brought lots of events to enjoy. Practices at Ihilani. Festivals at Kapiolani Park. Aloha Tower block party. Word. But as for the game. WEAKSAUCE! I went once because my gramps from Wisconsin was in town and he grew up in Chicago before Common and Kanye and he’s hardcore Bears fan. Da Bears. Well the year I went Bears and Pats went Super Bowl and he was stoked to go Pro Bowl the week after with his favorite (and only) grandson and the fam. But the many years I’ve lived here I never cared about the game. Cool to see players in town and stuff but the game was always halfass in my opinion. I love NBA allstar game mid season. I only like home run derby at MLB allstar weekend. But Pro Bowl was about players in Hawaii. Not serious playing. Never made anything better or worse. This year in Florida a week before Superbowl. And guess what. Nobody cares. Crap nobody that really isn’t watching weekly and keeping up with scores playing over unders or fantasy even knew its going down this weekend. You know what reminded me….advertising from a local restaurant for preorder party food for the game. Well I want ProBowl to suck so when they bring back to Hawaii next year its gonna stay for good. As for pic. I was gonna say the players gonna miss seeing hot local girls and hula dancers. Then again there’s them caliente mamacitas in florida?


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