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I’ve been working in the oddest way. Been offline for almost five days. Camping for condos. By the contacts i’ve made i don’t think this will be the last time either. Good money. Car payment made. Still gotta make Comic con plane ticket money (Coming soon! Stay tuned!).. I dodged three news interviews and two newspapers. Sorry Marisa Yamane and Dan Cook. See joe G. But Advertiser got me slippin.

Take your shoes off in my living room. Temporary or permanent, we in Hawai’i! Boss!

Super legit. I gotta thank the project manager for hooking up grinds and drinks all week. Thanks to my bosses Jordan and Mike. Thanks to my clients (nameless to protect their identity but they BALLIN! BOSS!)

Here’s what i missed posting.

First livicated to Mayor Fasi!

Second Dilla Mixtape. Livicated!

Download here

Third Kanye goes swap meet. (had to get this off my desktop)

And cosplay. Cosplay is never this dope. So many at Comicon and Kawaiicon where you start saying WTF you aint Princess Leia. But hello Baroness!

Well sorry for the slacking. Hope to get back on the program. Big ups to the Skate Nazi for the heads up on that Thrasher with the Cons vid. With love, Lofa.

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