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So I just went to my first Hypersquad concert this past saturday. I’ve been dodging Newkon for the longest to go to the show. I like booty shaking but I like bboying, no krumping, no voguing, no begging jazz, no tap, no ballet, no street dancing. The saving grace was that it was Newkon’s last show before he goes LA and blows up Newkoncept. Double bonus was seeing my homies and my family dancing. My cousin Larry and his boy Levi. Newkon, Evan and Ian, Yellow, and the rest of the bboys, Dana, Mox rocking the mic. THAT’S WHAT MADE IT FUN! Hypersquad making it rain (and making some people two bucks richer too!) Mean. Well the show hyped THE HYPE 5-0 as they rocking Americas Best Dance Crew on MTV. They taped yesterday. It shows tomorrow I think. I ask while you spend your time blasting away on twitter that you vote a few times for them as they rep HAWAII. And yes they can dance too. Big ups to Josh and the crew. Duey Nutz!

more info on show here

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