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A second go around. Last years was fun. This year I WAS CAUGHT SLIPPING! Was suppose to start this back on Feb. 1 and end um on Sunday (Kung Hee Fat Choy!) but never so you get 10 songs now. No particular order. A vid and why i like um. I got Mr. J All Day posting his list on, Newkon rocking his on, and Kavet the Catalyst doing his on

And for even next level stepping grab the following mixtapes

Your girlfriends favorite dj, DJ Deception got his little joint on the Nocturnal Sound Krew’s site

DJ Compose also got his joint on TOO!

And DJ ENJAY got his on
Go download them and fill yo ipod!

On to my ten list.

Natty Vibes. Shawty-dope song. the boy gets the chick with a flower and a dope haircut. Mean. Was painting with KTC and he asked me if I wanted to do fill. This song was playing at exact same time and i lip synced the “YEAAHAHAHA” in the intro. Mean.

Jodeci. You give good love. MEAN SONG! I learned to play this on guitar in Kamehameha thinking I was gonna get the girls panties all wet. Was only able to get somebody to sing it once. Was dope. But the girls was drunk so they never care. HHAHAHAHAHA.

D’angelo-How does it feel. Nobody knows any of the words except “How does it feel”

Stevie Wonder- My cheri amour. This song rocks. You wonder why they got fools always singing it when trying to get on American Idol. Yo I just played the vid in Starsucks and the lady next to me went “OOOOOH”. Maybe she get wet panty? Sorry if you offended. And no forget save um for marriage. TRY WAIT! It’s hard. I know.

Big Mountain-Touch My Light. Come on closer to me girl touch my light! Is light like Kiss’ Love Gun? Gotta thank my cousin Chris for getting me tuned in to Big Mauna! Back in the day of flipping car stereos and making homemade subwoofer boxes this made it in the mix of DJ Majic Mike and the slew of low end bass tapes that almost made me def. And DJ Laz. Mami del negor and hump all night joints. Oh I gotta find that “Love walks out the door” joint my cousin rocked. Looking now…..FOUND IT

Sebastian-Kiss the Girl. Fricken second dopest Disney song. (1st Dopest…..Reflection by Leah Salonga) How’s the crab gonna rock the mic and get the smooching going! Word! Guys no make like you no like. Ideally this for the ladies not the fellas. Or else would be non stop 2LiveCrew Hoochie Mama and booty songs all night long. I like go Disneyland again!

Pandanus Club-Pili Mau Me ‘Oe. HAWAIIANS ARE KNOWN TO BE GREAT LOVERS! You ever wonder why Pele get mad and spews lava non stop. Why the sweet potato when burn while they was jamming in the ‘ulu tree? Why we usually get big familys? You gotta learn from your elders. My pops and his brothers and sisters would play this anykine times. Bus out the washtub bass. Some of the best hawaiian songs are clean when translated but DIRTY in meaning. This song seems clean but I can picture the lyrics taking out some 2 Live Crew lyrics….ok maybe not. But trust me Hawaiians are great lovers! WORD! Hapa cuties for all!

Hall n Oats- You make my dreams come true. The power of the mustache! ATTENTION BAMP OR TOM MOFFAT! BRING THEM HERE! MAKE EASY MONEY! Oh hows this 500 Days o summer joint! I never watched. Gonna buy for the lady! WIN! Spaghetti for sure.

Jackson 5-ABC. That last vid made me think of this vid. Makes sense. Mike nd the boys singing bout how easy love is. I love Jay and Silent Bob and Clerks (both of them!). And I LOVE ROSE DAWSON! man when she brushes her hair from her face with her finger while dancing has got to be the illest. and the bouncing (hey im a guy. sorry.) But I like this dance sequence. Frick Macarena or Cupid Shuffle or Electric Slide. Do that New Jersey diddy. Fistpumps?

Peter Cetera & Cher-After All. The last song gotta go out with what is stuck in my head for the LONGEST! Digging for wax I found it on 45 but never buy um cus i rather have a cover sleeve. shoulda bought it. donkey. Hows this vid with fricken Diggery in it? Hahahaha.

Well I hope you and your special someone have a great Valentine’s Day. Plan something special. Girls get the man something too. Not teddy bears and roses. How bout a george foreman grill? Or Xbox 360? Or a Lightsleepers shirt? Or Nas tickets!

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  1. Thanks buddy!!!

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