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So I had my malasadas. Thanks Leonards. Was gonna try Champions but how you gonna slack on Malasada Day. Champs you get next malasada run. Next week. Or tomorrow. Here’s the irony. If you get left over malasadas from yesterday do you not eat them today? I ATE UM CUS ‘ONO 4 BREAKFAST! COLD HAUPIA ONES!

Now I know today Ash Wednesday but I never liked it because I hated not eating meat on fridays. Luckily people woke up and realized that Jesus no care if you eat meat on fridays. In n out doubledoubles on fridays! WORD! But hey all you Catholics and people that wanna give up meat for Jesus then go ahead do your thing! Back when I was victim to my mom’s rules and no meat fridays I hated going McD’s and having to eat Filet o Fish when I want cheeseburger or chicken nuggets. Fridays usually meant fishsticks. I like fishsticks but would take hamburger steak over fishsticks EVERY TIME! I also hated eating a few things that I am truly shamefull of, including raw fish. A few decades later the tides have turned. I love fish. I would murder the poke in buffet lines (cleaned out how many wedding poke bowls and baby lu’aus!). I can’t stop looking at them huge salmon slabs every time I go Costco. Crab boils are MEAN! Sizzlers gonna run out of all u can eat shrimps. Miso butterfish and salmon fried rice form ‘Ohana Seafoods are my jams! Squid Lu’au is pau! But frick I can’t afford them joints. I would murder McD’s Filet o Fishes easily. But they be what 3 bucks????? YOU CRAZY! Sometimes I wish I went diving or fishing for a big Marlin or ‘ulua or ‘uhu. Get the mayo onions and lup chong/portageesausage oh wait thems meat…forgot. Oh well. Fish it up people.
PS. I still like fishsticks.
PPS. I HATE BONEY FISH. Spend some bucks and get fish that have actual filets or something!
PPSS? Hows the Alicia’s photo. IM DROOLING!

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