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Seriously! Well I got invited by the Lightsleepers Bodyboarding Team to go to the IBA PIPELINEPRO.

So we packed the car and headed up north. Now the LS bodyboarding team is aint that deep of a roster, and we only have one pro…Mark Klein. Legit pro. Got his own bodyboard model from Madrid. The rest of the team is just semi ams? Flow team? Ah who cares. Mark did well at the Erma’s qualifiers a few days earlier and made it to the big show. We packed the car and went Pipe.

Well my buddy John Hook took photos of Mark’s first heat so I never take no shots (you see why later) Mark passed the first heat and went sleep. Me and John went to this little bus.

They was slangin Acai bowls and these wonton hot pockets with meat cheese spinach tomatos and feta. You can make this at home easy. Make it at pipe and charge $5. Was pretty good but after I ate um all I could think about was stortos or macky’s or opal’s!

But they did let me hit up their truck! (shout out to Jim @ B-Ware getting up on the truck too!)

His second heat was on and John had a wedding to shoot so I tried my best with my crap camera

Waves wasn’t that dope during the heat

Mark didn’t advance but das ok cus he did better than you did….

Unless you reading this Mike Stewart and the others that continue the contest Monday. I still had fun! Till next year! Thanks Dave & Busters for my towel!

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