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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Just seen this on Super dope idea using the skate wheel.


Today at Fresh Cafe. Go grab some vinyl and fill yo crates!

*Update from Newkon Call 1-877962-7391 or text 1 to 22444 and VOTE HYPE 5-0!

Spoiler they made the top 3! Yeah Hype 5-0!

Josh and the crew need your votes super bad. They on the top four of ABDC but due to some crazy mix up with a splash of Daylight Savings Time according to Oceanic Time Warner, MTV didn’t send the signal to show ABDC last week untill maybe 12:30am or something. When it did air the Hype 5-0 segment was not shown, but who cares bout that…PEOPLE WAS SLEEPING BY THEN! They got jobs and school so they gotta get them z’s. Well this week don’t sleep. Starting like 6pm Hawaii time, maybe 7pm due to Daylight Savings (DAYM YOU BEN FRANKLIN!) go to and start voting for Hype 5-0 and start texting and calling the number to vote for them. Pass the numbers around to everyone so they can make top three. Poreotics and Jungle Boogie got strong followings so the Hype gotta know out Blueprint Crew this week. VOTE OR VOTE!

And I gotta post this cus I think it’s funny! Not to clown you Josh, you the homie!

Question: How many oysters are in a bottle of oyster sauce?

Answer: Zero. Oysters boiled in water, then removed, and sauce made from the left over water.

My favorite AOTS host is back on the cover of Complex mag. No Kevin Pereira is not my fave! OMUNN!

But is she hotter than Jamie Chung? Factor out her brainy wit and guttermouth. just looks. discuss.

I choose both! But Jamie not gonna be at San Diego Comic Con (or is she?) so I vote Olivia. One more shot again coming July.

Nas show was bananas! Second best show I can think of. First best show was Aesop Rock, EL-P, Cage, Mr. Dibbs, Rob Sonic, Chauncey, DJ Big Wiz all at Pipe. Super big ups to SkyHi/Kurious for making this happen! I also was stoked to see them project the SkyHi logo on Aloha Tower. How come we don’t think of that? Maybe I’m stuck with the idea that all you need is a single red light that just turns left and right underneath the dj table on the lanai like KCC raves. Nas did a crazy illmatic set (no AZ but “lifes a bitch” was fresh still!). Then to top that crap seeing the Rza talk to Statik Selecta to make sure he had his instrumentals cued was murder too. Then to have Kanye almost rhyme was the dick tease of the night. The show was still hella fresh!

The best part of the show was seeing all the homies. Always a good time. Best times at many events is chopping it up with homies on the sidewalk outside the venue. This time was weird cus the venue outside and we chopped in the venue. First big ups to Kilowatts for bringing me backstage without a badge (Yo Mike or anyone from SkyHi Productions if you got any nas badges left over can i have one please? SERIOUS!). First DJ Packo and DJ Revise. Funny guys. Good DJs.

Me and Tassho Pearce. You know he be making moves. Doing tracks with Kid Cudi. Sneaking in Kanye West to watch movies. Cool homie. But you better watch out because he can slay emcees no joke.

You know TQron bringing Evidence down to HI on the 27th right?

This was one of the many highlights of the night. One big highlight was seeing Todd G! Hopefully he’ll give me a track as well as that Freestylion species tape! Another highlight was seeing DJ Compose and DJ ESKAE with KTC. Nocturnal Sound Krew members (yeah KTC is NSK since day one! ask him bout it!). You know these right here are some of the most requested DJs in the island. No joke. Then you got an event that brings them all together and it’s majical. Don’t forget that Packo, Revise, A2Z, Jimmy Taco also was part of the show and with their powers combined I know there was serious drought dj wise on the island. All excellente djs.

Another highlight besides Dubside rocking his LS shirt frontrow (Yeah he knows whattup! Remember rocking De La and Ase Rock front row with him!) was taking this pic. I’ve seen Qbert at least ten times and I never took a pic with him. I got choke stuff signed by him (flyers, butter rugs, etc.) but never took a pic with him. Not even at ITF when they all flew down here. I gotta find those pics. This made me happy. Thud Rumble/ISP! CHEE!

Now don’t forget read what Kavet the Catalysts take on the Nas show was like here. He holding out on you though! He got stories! Tiger Style!

Then again I got stories too. Like how Chippy looked like she was gonna be in the middle of a huge fight and a girl’s doorknocker earing got yanked. Or how this sloppy drunk asian girl started grabbing balls and making out with some random dude while his boys tell him to toss that girl to the side while her drunk friend is yelling and crying at her own boyfriend and they LEFT HOMEGIRL AT THE CONCERT WITH NO RIDE HOME!

My feelings about Aloha Tower concerts are making a turn toward the better side.

Don’t Sleep! See you there!

Livicated to Solomon Recca.

So due to craptastic school scheduling I wasn’t able to block party it up. I decided to do next best thing and go Murphy’s during lunch. This is what it looked like five minutes after opening. The ruckus working stiffs.

Was cool to see some companies or bosses taking the crew out for lunch. But they couldn’t really have fun. But they got to eat good food for free. Morale boost. You know that many companies like people doing brackets for NCAA March Madness as long as not gambling on company stuff like emails and you get your work done? It’s true!

My homie Rotch hooked me up with corned beef and cabbage for dinner so I couldn’t buy any at the block party. BOOO! But they did have dope steak sandwiches. And a fricken oyster bar. Shooters was mean, but i still think mo betta buy a case and bbq the bad boy (Krazy we gotta do um again! Cheese mayo can but no hawaiian hosts!). Not my black and tan! Hopefully next year I can rock the night spot for St. Pattys. Chee!

Happy St. Patty’s Day. So they have a holiday of a Saint that rid Ireland of snakes. So they enjoy corned beef and cabbage and drink guiness. Mean. Too bad St. Patty couldn’t be in Guam and murder some brown tree snakes. Well I’m not Irish but I’ll eat more corned beef and cabbage than you then kiss your chick! Just playing. Well tonight is the Murphy’s O’Tooles block party downtown. I enjoy going. Great to see all your friends that aren’t hip try to be down as well as good to see all your alcoholic friends try to play sober while puking their guts on someones shoes. Yeah that’s a normal night in Chinatown but when the people do it right after work in their business aloha shirts it just screams St. Patty’s Day! Erin go brah! The House of Pain is in effect yall! DON’T DRINK N DRIVE PLEASE!