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First off gotta say thanks to everyone that prayed for Hawaii’s safety. It worked. Second. All you fools that are upset you didn’t see a monster wave come by need to be glad it didn’t show up. Pray for the Chile people that lost their homes and lives.

Well Saturday I wake up and seen Stephanie Lum still on tv at 3AM? Weird. Tsunami possibly coming. Crap. I just started drinking my water from Hurricane season. Off to the store I go. Safeway Kapolei craziness. Bought water and food. Wasn’t worried my house gonna get washed away but just waiting for the power to get cut off. How come all the power plants and electric company ANYTHING is near the beaches? Electric beach, H-power, that spot near Aloha Tower. Wave come, no power.

Joe G. called me up. Asked if he had water. He said no. I said lets check Costco. “SHOOOOOOOOOOOTS!”

This is continuation of the first pic. Long lines. No panic. Just long lines. Costco opened early, then opened to ANYONE! You win! Sams Club didn’t do that.

So I head home and me and KTC try to figure if we gonna cancel Beatroot Bodega. They closed Ala Moana and Ward Center. Who the hell are we to be open. Better safe then sorry. So we postponed. Besides the cops cockblocking the roads and making it hard to drive to spots. But Fresh Cafe was open for business. Beatroot Bodega to go on later. Glad to see people still wanted to go digging! Soon come!

Wave never came. Watched Hilo Bay get nuts on tv. Took a nap. Woke up and my chest was sore. Call the doc. He tells me go Urgent Care Honolulu. CRAP!
Went. Took tests. Took xrays. Gave me IVU (EP!), sent me to Moanalua cus THEY WAS CLOSING and ER was over there. Everything was ok testwise but everything hanging on a single blood test. EKG was NORMAL (CHEE!) but if I failed this blood test I had to check in to ER. Waited for results. Passed the test. Sent home! Take some asprin and LOADS of advil. Glad I not in hospital. Cardio and cut your salt people!

Got home. Was gonna stay home. But my doc wants me to have as much fun as possible. It releases stress. So next stop. Souls of Mischief. Wait for KTC to post bout it somewhere. Was cool. Great to see old friends. Show was good. Wanted to see Key Kool (Visionaries) rock a song but he introed the Hiero Emporium instead. Could tell plenty people went to be seen cus they was hanging outside when the show was rocking. Up to you.

Went home and slept.

Sunday. La Pule. Church suckas! LIstened to Brian Yamashita talk about loosing his wife Asa Yamashita. I cried. God helped him cope. Imagine if he never had Jesus. Mean. Sorry I didn’t tell you to come listen to his story.

After that I had to go HellaFlush Aloha Kings

They got cancelled on Sat cus tsunami so they made it the next day. Was pretty cool for a car show. No booty chicks. No bboy battles. Just car guys flexing flush tire offsets and JDM steez with VIP pretzels. Cool. The fatlace/hellaflush guys made a killing selling license plate holders, lanyards, shirts, hats, and stickers. They doing something right with their branding. Crap they had Souls of Mischief as the afterparty guys so they doing something right. And the show was free with a can good. DOING GOOD! Bay area cats doing good works.

As much as I’m not a car guy persay, I like a dope looking car. I was glad there was dope Scion xB’s and some weird daily drivers. But this made me hella happy!

The guy that bought this car got it from a true Lightsleeper! But he thought stickers was dope enough not to cover them up. Mean. But he did have the Pedo Bear as well as a few other guys. BOOO! Was surprised to see as many familiar faces as I did. Had choke fun with the Starfish Guy and Daves Action. Great to see Melk and Adik too as well as Adik’s engine block cover. Never seen my favorite Scion guy but das ok. Hope Fatlace/Hella Flush/illest crew comes back again. Great show.

More pics from Dave’s Action Blog

Now pray for GURU! Heart aint no joke. I know. Stress testing thursday!


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