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Here’s a good example of my toy delema. I trying to not buy small toys. I like big toys. But crap sometimes the small toys are dope. But why the gotta be so expensive. Case in point. Kid Robot’s De La Soul set. $50. three figures. 3 inches tall each. 50 bucks for such a tiny set? Don’t get me wrong I think this is dope. I love De La Soul. I love toys. Kid Robot is ok when they make good stuff. But is this really worth the price? And they only drop in value when people aint feeling it (example them dunnys that used to cost couple hundred bucks now only worth ten). This is NOT the freshest De La Soul toys but man I do want this set. Tough times….tougher decisions. Yet I can bust a list of at least 20 things way better than this set for the same price. Dropping thursday at the spots carrying Kid Robot.

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