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Happy St. Patty’s Day. So they have a holiday of a Saint that rid Ireland of snakes. So they enjoy corned beef and cabbage and drink guiness. Mean. Too bad St. Patty couldn’t be in Guam and murder some brown tree snakes. Well I’m not Irish but I’ll eat more corned beef and cabbage than you then kiss your chick! Just playing. Well tonight is the Murphy’s O’Tooles block party downtown. I enjoy going. Great to see all your friends that aren’t hip try to be down as well as good to see all your alcoholic friends try to play sober while puking their guts on someones shoes. Yeah that’s a normal night in Chinatown but when the people do it right after work in their business aloha shirts it just screams St. Patty’s Day! Erin go brah! The House of Pain is in effect yall! DON’T DRINK N DRIVE PLEASE!

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