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Livicated to Solomon Recca.

So due to craptastic school scheduling I wasn’t able to block party it up. I decided to do next best thing and go Murphy’s during lunch. This is what it looked like five minutes after opening. The ruckus working stiffs.

Was cool to see some companies or bosses taking the crew out for lunch. But they couldn’t really have fun. But they got to eat good food for free. Morale boost. You know that many companies like people doing brackets for NCAA March Madness as long as not gambling on company stuff like emails and you get your work done? It’s true!

My homie Rotch hooked me up with corned beef and cabbage for dinner so I couldn’t buy any at the block party. BOOO! But they did have dope steak sandwiches. And a fricken oyster bar. Shooters was mean, but i still think mo betta buy a case and bbq the bad boy (Krazy we gotta do um again! Cheese mayo can but no hawaiian hosts!). Not my black and tan! Hopefully next year I can rock the night spot for St. Pattys. Chee!

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