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*Update from Newkon Call 1-877962-7391 or text 1 to 22444 and VOTE HYPE 5-0!

Spoiler they made the top 3! Yeah Hype 5-0!

Josh and the crew need your votes super bad. They on the top four of ABDC but due to some crazy mix up with a splash of Daylight Savings Time according to Oceanic Time Warner, MTV didn’t send the signal to show ABDC last week untill maybe 12:30am or something. When it did air the Hype 5-0 segment was not shown, but who cares bout that…PEOPLE WAS SLEEPING BY THEN! They got jobs and school so they gotta get them z’s. Well this week don’t sleep. Starting like 6pm Hawaii time, maybe 7pm due to Daylight Savings (DAYM YOU BEN FRANKLIN!) go to and start voting for Hype 5-0 and start texting and calling the number to vote for them. Pass the numbers around to everyone so they can make top three. Poreotics and Jungle Boogie got strong followings so the Hype gotta know out Blueprint Crew this week. VOTE OR VOTE!

And I gotta post this cus I think it’s funny! Not to clown you Josh, you the homie!

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