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Monthly Archives: April 2010

This is the video i wanted to post but no more embedding here

Brah I went beach EVERYDAY so far this week (except for today. Gotta do homework and go school.) Yesterday went walls with my boy Mark Klein. Awesome day. Walls is still my spot. Kapahulu wall rat indeed. But everytime I paddled out was fricken singing this song in my head. Seriously. Word.

Here’s Klein at Pipeline Masters

Oh crap. John Hook posted our session at Tracks. Word. Thanks Johnny! Yoskay!

Go to John’s blog everyday! He’s the funniest guy! And mean fotos!


This really exciting to see for me. Yes I’m a huge David Choe fan. How can you not be? He makes cool stuff. But Munko is my favorite. I ask for one every time I see him. I think I have four Munko sketches and hope to get one on canvas this SDCC for my bathroom. Now this isn’t the first Choe toys but these are gonna be my favorites.

PS. First time I seen Munko was Dithers

Saturday they had open casting calls for extras for Disney’s Pirates 4: On Stranger Tides. I went because if I get a role then mean, if not I lost nothing. I wouldn’t mind running past Capt. Jack Sparrow and catching cannon balls or something cool like that. It’s not even about the money for me. This is the front of the line. Was thinking about camping in line like the people in front. But me and Joe G decided to roll 5:30. Good idea. Number 45. Not bad…..

…when couple THOUSAND people came to get a spot. They want some of that money and the limelight shine!

Here’s the casting director and assistant. I was worried because there are so many people that look way more pirate-like than me. But then I also didn’t worry because so many of the pirate looking people can’t follow directions either. The casting people said don’t dress like a pirate but people still did. Casting person said bring a picture but many didn’t. I hope that works to my advantage.

Where’s Waldo?

Well I’m praying hard that I get a spot. and Joe G. And Bucky! Word! In Jesus name, AMEN!

If I get a spot I hope they tape after SDCC.

Well today is Earth Day where everyone attempts to bring consciousness to people bout the environment. Now I’m all about the environment. I’m glad O’ahu is finally going to have island wide curb-side recycling starting next month. And I hate when I can’t recycle a HI-5 item like an open can because of the mess (if you aint gonna recycle your bottle give um to me!). I always hate the looks I get from cashiers when I tell them no bag please, but hey I’m trying to do my part. As everyone else makes their logos green today and push the reduce reuse recycle, try to make a bigger effort, but do it everyday, not just today.

Lofa’s Earth Day Tip

This one is for the fellas. You know the slogan “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down”? Well when you go to a restroom with multiple urinals and somebody let’s it mellow, USE THAT ONE! And don’t flush first. I dunno about you but I got great distance (back in elementary we had contests to see who can pee farther, ask me about the roof….manly sports!). But hey it conserves water right? Just stand back and don’t splash! And don’t pee on the ground please. Wash your hands!

You ladies want a tip…uh….bring your own shopping bag?

Happy 4/20. FYI I don’t condone any drug use. But this year I decided to check out a 4/20 tradition?

People get ready.




Crowds came to watch

Good run. Now hide from the popos!

Well this past weekend I had my first visit ever to Kawaii-Kon. Hawaii’s anime fest i guess? Well I never go and I always hear mixed reviews about it. I’m not the biggest anime fan (with exceptions) but I was on a mission this year. Shinji Aramaki made a return and I wanted him to hit up my blackbook. Who’s Shinji you ask….well he just a dope guy that created and directed a few things you might have heard of like um ROBOTECH and APPLESEED and he just directed the HALO LEGENDS movie. That’s all dope but he created one of my favorite Transformers character, SOUNDWAVE! He also created M.A.S.K. if you know. But Soundwave is my joint because where does RUMBLE kick it when he’s not swimming to the bottom of the lake and creating earthquakes? Yep Soundwave’s opu! I barely got to the kon Friday and had a hard time finding the signing location. When I did find it I was second in line? Where’s the crowd? Fortunatly for me lots of people didn’t know where the signing was so I scored. The Saturday signing had a crazy long line. DON’T SLEEP! I asked for a sketch of Soundwave and he said he hadn’t drawn him in four years. Shinji asked if he could draw Mospeada instead (just like that sketch next to him..btw not my pic…JACKED!) I said sure. Who the hell was I to complain if some dope artist gonna sketch my book for free? It looks super dope. Not gonna scan cus I’m lazy.

Sidenote: Mahalo to Pali Ka’aihue and Sachi Uchida from Doko Ga TV for making Shinji Aramaki possible. I love their show on OC 16. Check it out on cable or go watch on their website at (thanks for the dvd!)

My day was done and I just spent $25 to get in. I figured I might as well check out the rest of the kon. Was super weird as I wasn’t that much otaku. Here’s the game room. Games of cards, dice, and mini figures ruled the room. Ever wonder who actually plays Dungeons and Dragons or Magic cards? THESE PEOPLE DO! They also play Yugioh cards and lots of things I never heard of ever. They bought tickets to attend Kawaii-Kon to play games….seriously. Maybe their highlight of the night.

They had a video game room. More my steeze. Street Fighter IV tournaments. Old dreamcast games. Mean. People paying $10 on top of admission to get their butts handed to them while playing Ryu.

They had Beatroot video game. Save quarters, buy MPC.

There was a Dealer’s room where stores would sell anime stuff but both nights I was there they closed so early I didn’t go in. This was the Artist Alley where artist would sell their wares and show their stuff. They got hustling spirit indeed. Selling sketches and bookmarks and pins and plushes and t shirts. It’s like going to a hiphop show and everyone selling their mixtapes and albums and wax. Can’t knock it.

In the Artist Alley Jon Murakami (right) was selling his Gordon Rider comic book and fan art book with Gordan Chan (left). More my steeze. Independent comic books. Can’t wait for Comic Con in July. Support Jon and buy a copy, or five.

Here’s Mark Gould (left), Sam Campos (right) and the crew of Dragonfly. Definitely my steeze. Dragonfly on the same page as them live action kaiju joints like Ultraman and Kikaida and Inazuman and Power Rangers. Check out Dragonfly at Mark and Sam are really dope artists too. Mark did a killer Akuma from Street Fighter in my black book. Sam did a sketch of his independent comic book that I’m a huge fan of…..


The highlight of Kawaii-Kon was suppose to be the cosplay. Now I’m don’t dress up for a con. I’ll dress up for a tuesday…but not a con. Every year at San Diego Comic Con those fools go all out with dope costumes, even hot chicks that should be models rocking costumes. Kawaii-Kon not so much. Lots of Lolitas and fans dressed up like anime characters i don’t know or don’t care for. Some video game people. But mostly weaksauce. Here’s what I liked and took pics of.

Sonic the Hedgehog (i dunno that guy next to him but I aint waiting for him to leave to take pic).

Decided to scrap Super Mario

Crowd going nuts with the photos.

Security shut it down. They shake on it

Really big Totoro

Star Wars Clone Trooper, G.I. Joe Cobra Solder, some chick, and a Gears of War guy.

They brought their friend mini Predator

Majin Boo from Dragon Ballz and a Lolita. I voted for Majin Boo in the costume contest.

Then I ended the first night with a big regret. For some reason anime characters have dances that match their theme songs or whatevers. I thought this dance thing was gonna be that so I went to go watch cus I had nothing better to do. Walk in the room. There’s a stage with a dj. Cool. Next thing you know, the lights go out, techno starts pumping, and they bust out their glow sticks. ARGH! STUCK IN A RAVE! They even had a dude selling glowsticks for people that never bring theirs from home. Now I’ve been to legit raves because G-Spot would have dope hiphop outside (first time I seen ktc dj was at a rave at KCC!) But this rave was too much for me. People was glow stickin and fist pumping and melborne shuffling too (the keikis call it hardstyle now?). Funny thing was you think the uncool kids would be down to dance. NOPE. They still wallflowers. Maybe six to eight ravers, one legit bboy (if you go kawaii-kon you better come Inertia 7) and everyone else standing along the wall. And they bought glowsticks. Just don’t rave.

Well that’s all. I gonna go next year, hopefully more actual artist that can DRAW! How you gonna have an ANIME fest and the only people they focus on is the VOICE Actors that only read a script? The animators should be the stars.

Sorry for the length.

So much stuff going on today. Besides the kabillion stuff like Art Dreams art show and Kawaii Kon and whatevers shindigs going down there’s two major things happening today. Oh and happy birthday Nana! (she no read my blog, but she make mean pancit better than anyone in PI or HI and she can scale a wall like a ninja!)

First is the Food Bank’s Annual Food Drive

Check out for actual details of what going down and the Bake Sale. On a serious note I LOVE TO EAT! How you think I got so sexy? But I can’t imagine what it would be like not to be able to make one sandwich or being hungry. I get angry when I’m hungry. If you not hungry or homeless the least you could do is donate a buck or something. Count your blessing and be a blessing to others. Some cash or some can food or whatever you can do to help. Hunger is year round no forget so whenever you can help please do so. Today just the easiest way cus them people gonna be everywhere. Fill up them nets!

Second is Record Store Day!

Record stores are struggling because nobody rocking wax cept collectors and djs. Don’t get me wrong Serato is cool and helps people let go of them dusty joints that I WANT FOR MY COLLECTION! And mp3s help me increase my music library from the internet. But if im in my car i want a cd. If in my house I want wax! For the record (pun! hahaha) I don’t own a turntable, can’t really dj (but i can needle drop and lazers for days), but I guarantee my record collection is doper than yours! If not then prove it sucka!

Stylus and Hungry Ear celebrating today. Go stop by and dig!

DJ Jaba One is the homie indeed. San Diegon (Diegoian?) fella moved to Hawai’i to run the Armory Hawaii (livicated). Moved back to SD. Running with the Homegrown Blends crew. Got mixtapes that your girl loves and is shiny like duct tape and links got something in common. Working on some stuff with Ugly Duckling and my homie DJ Norm Rockwell. Decided to come party with DJ Yogurt on his birthday (big ups fool!) and helped me and KTC rock Split Obsession’s grand re-opening at Ala Moana. FYI Rid decided to tape DJ Jaba One’s set from the event so head over to Cabbit Media’s website link here and download it!

This has to have been the easiest shindig to put together in a while. And it’s all because I got great homies helping me. Here’s a few.

This guy. He got an album with Wade from NMB called Butter Bread coming out soon followed by the Lightsleepers compilation.

First Bruce and Erica of Split Obsession for having a dope place, great toys and art. They know what’s up, just ask them. Followed by Philippe Anthony. He got paint skills indeed. And makes beats. Look for more stuff coming from this guy.

Other people gotta thank is J Drums for the sounds (bring drums next time), Mr. J All Day for the photos (woes shirt tomorrow?) and DJ Memoirs for letting us borrow his mixer (legit!). Mahalos to all who came through, the employees of SO, and the Ala Moana security for not shutting us down. Now go download Jaba’s mix!