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So today I took some visitors to ‘Iolani Palace. Haven’t been inside since Explorations ’90. Was a mix of emotions. Proud to be Hawaiian in our palace. Sad of the unjustice that went down (PS. I DON’T WANT SOVEREIGNTY! How we gonna stop the kooks with nukes? OBAMA SON!) The cheapest tour they had was a self guided one with a long remote looking thing that you hold to your ear and you type in the spot number of the room you standing in and the info starts for your listening pleasure. They got it in Japanese and English for the visitors. But as a Japanese person was asking for assistance the aunty working there asked “What you like listen to? English? Japanese? We get um in Hawaiian if you like?” I was ready to call shinanigans. Walking in the door I asked if the self-guided tour actually had Hawaiian as a choice. “Yeah. You like? Puakea hosts it!” I said why not. I wasn’t gonna even listen to the thing. All I could think was 1.) How Puakea Nogelmeier got one name status and 2.) I aint gonna understand crap. Well after technically taking six years of Hawaiian at Kamehameha and one at UH you think I would master the language. Happily I understood a grip of the info. Sadly my lack of vocab made me miss a lot too. Still I earned a haole brownie point in my own book.

Queen Lili’uokalani. She never jump one foot one foot. She got imprisoned by the Americans. To be in the room she was locked down on made my mind wander. Yeah it was kinda sad and for some reason her windows didn’t show outside while all the other windows was clear. Was that how it was when she was locked down? Her room is three times the size of my room. It’s hella huge but with all the doors closed you might get claustrophobic. Had a quilt her and her attendants staying with her started and finished while she was on lock down. That’s some crazy stuff to have to deal with. And she was a queen too.

Well if you get time go stop by and get your booties on.

All I could think about was would be dope if King Kalakaua had bboy jams in the palace. Every room looked big enough to have one!

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