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Now in Hawaii terms IM A CITY BOY! I’ve never been a fan of country living. I like options and need something to occupy me all the time. Now I have been watching the Hawaii News Now sunrise people having fun in Hilo for Merrie Monarch Week. Like seeing Steve lose the ball in Hilo Bay everyday. Hows Billy V getting to kick it with them (He’s OCCC too! Livicated Rekka!) Now I’ve been in Hilo for Merrie Monarch week but never been to the actual event. I don’t need to be there, I can watch from tv just fine. But for some reason I just want to go Hilo. But is it because everyone is there? Is it like San Diego where it sucks when no more Comic Con or ASR? I got choke family out there, crap my family got a fricken ranch with our family name. They eat Best Foods mayo at every meal. But I hardly go out there. For me I could do Hilo in a day, a weekend at most. Three days and I need to leave. Hilo was one of the few times I actually got to drive before I had my license cus my mom thought what i gonna hit, some lava rocks? Hilo is about a few things for me, my sister, Rainbow & Akaka falls, Hilo Bay, Banyan Drive, and Ken’s Pancake House. Throw in some cookies and candies, some grinds and snacks, and pau. Maybe a volcanos if get people never been there before but that’s it. Get me a room Hilo Hawaiian or Nani Loa, a car, some gas, and bang out Hilo real fast. My girl begs me to go and I always say no. Rather go Maui or somewhere I never been. But for some reason my jonesing for Hilo is mad strong this week. Big ups to all the halau’s going. Miss Aloha Hula tonight (WOOOOOHOOOO!). Wonder who I gonna see that I actually know. Big ups to Kuha’o (I laff cus Manuheali’i sponsoring yet everyone rocking Sig Zane! I gotta go get measured so I can rock some and order custom Lofa sizes!), Val, and whoever else dancing this year. Jomama you still dance? Lauren you working on your invitation for your halau?

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