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So much stuff going on today. Besides the kabillion stuff like Art Dreams art show and Kawaii Kon and whatevers shindigs going down there’s two major things happening today. Oh and happy birthday Nana! (she no read my blog, but she make mean pancit better than anyone in PI or HI and she can scale a wall like a ninja!)

First is the Food Bank’s Annual Food Drive

Check out for actual details of what going down and the Bake Sale. On a serious note I LOVE TO EAT! How you think I got so sexy? But I can’t imagine what it would be like not to be able to make one sandwich or being hungry. I get angry when I’m hungry. If you not hungry or homeless the least you could do is donate a buck or something. Count your blessing and be a blessing to others. Some cash or some can food or whatever you can do to help. Hunger is year round no forget so whenever you can help please do so. Today just the easiest way cus them people gonna be everywhere. Fill up them nets!

Second is Record Store Day!

Record stores are struggling because nobody rocking wax cept collectors and djs. Don’t get me wrong Serato is cool and helps people let go of them dusty joints that I WANT FOR MY COLLECTION! And mp3s help me increase my music library from the internet. But if im in my car i want a cd. If in my house I want wax! For the record (pun! hahaha) I don’t own a turntable, can’t really dj (but i can needle drop and lazers for days), but I guarantee my record collection is doper than yours! If not then prove it sucka!

Stylus and Hungry Ear celebrating today. Go stop by and dig!

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