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Well today is Earth Day where everyone attempts to bring consciousness to people bout the environment. Now I’m all about the environment. I’m glad O’ahu is finally going to have island wide curb-side recycling starting next month. And I hate when I can’t recycle a HI-5 item like an open can because of the mess (if you aint gonna recycle your bottle give um to me!). I always hate the looks I get from cashiers when I tell them no bag please, but hey I’m trying to do my part. As everyone else makes their logos green today and push the reduce reuse recycle, try to make a bigger effort, but do it everyday, not just today.

Lofa’s Earth Day Tip

This one is for the fellas. You know the slogan “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down”? Well when you go to a restroom with multiple urinals and somebody let’s it mellow, USE THAT ONE! And don’t flush first. I dunno about you but I got great distance (back in elementary we had contests to see who can pee farther, ask me about the roof….manly sports!). But hey it conserves water right? Just stand back and don’t splash! And don’t pee on the ground please. Wash your hands!

You ladies want a tip…uh….bring your own shopping bag?

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